EcoFinish (AquaBright) – the whole story of concrete pool finishes!

Concrete swimming pools have been finished with many different products since they first appeared on the scene. The first pools had a fairly smooth concrete surface that was coated with paint – various types were employed and some of these are still used today. Paint was simple to apply and looked good for the first couple seasons but after a while, it faded or got stained and then a new coat of paint was needed. To keep a pool looking good, paint was applied every year or two until the multiple coats of paint started peeling off and the pool had to be sandblasted (expensive) and two coats of paint applied. This process was often complicated with spring being cold and wet and as a result, some pools wouldn’t be ready to use until mid-June.

Pool owners wanted a better solution – the cost of the painting and the time it took to get it done was frustrating, not to mention expensive over the years.

The next thing that came along was a pool finish often referred to as Marbelite – white pool plaster. The use of plaster vaulted into prominence in a big way and by the 1960s it was the most desirable finish for concrete pools. It looked great, it was durable and didn’t require much maintenance. However, being a pure white product, it was prone to staining from leaves, bobby pins (remember them?) and other metallic/organic items that lay on the white surface. Solution? Drain it each spring and give it an acid wash to clean it up. The drawback was that the repeated washing eroded the finish and sometimes the stains would not come off. Applying a new coat of plaster is expensive, so what did people do? They painted the pool and then had to endure the same fate as the original painted pools.

Today we use modern, engineered plaster finishes that are more durable but very similar in concept and expensive.

Many pool owners wanted a solution that was more durable than paint but less costly than a new coat of plaster. Many products were given a try but they all had drawbacks – especially in colder climates such as ours. Fibreglass, thin cement coatings, and epoxies have all been tried but none were universally acceptable.

Game Changer!

Aquabright (by EcoFinish)

Aquabright took many years to develop but this new product has virtually eliminated all of the traditional shortcomings of pool painting that we as pool builders have come to experience – at a price point that is less costly than plaster. It is resistant to chipping, peeling, and chalking. It cures in seconds, not weeks and is extremely durable – outlasting even the best paint products.

Aquabright is a thermo-plastic, high-performance pool coating that exceeds the strength, durability, and maintenance ease of traditional pool paint while offering the beauty and architectural colour range of high-end pool plasters. Aquabright is stain and crack resistant, non-porous, pH neutral, and comes in a large colour palette to choose from.

Let us show you how EcoFinish’s Aquabright can beautify your pool.