Ottawa Pool Leak Detection

We find, diagnose, repair and fix pool leaks! Give us a call so we can limit the damage.

Unsure whether your pool is retaining water correctly?

Or, are you certain that a leak is present and need a dedicated expert to fix it properly? We’re the ideal choice here at Benson Pools. Our leak detection team is familiar with pools of all shapes and sizes – along with their components – and can locate, identify, and address leaks with pinpoint accuracy. Don’t wait to put off an important repair that could otherwise worsen as the weeks and months go on – turn to us today for best-in-class service! We’re happy to help protect your aquatic investment, both when it comes to residential and commercial properties.

Pool Leak and Repair Fix

Once diagnosed, we can not only make recommendations for your leak but repair the problem, verifying that it is no longer an issue. You can trust us to put your mind at ease.

Pool and Hot Tub Leak Dedection

Diagnosis is an important step in stopping the issue. Some leaks can also be rather difficult to find and isolate. We handle this process easily with our many years of detection experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a dependable team of repair technicians. 


How Leaks Affect Pool Health

A pool or hot tub that loses water can be very challenging to maintain in a clean, healthy manner. If you live on a metered city supply, you are not just paying for water, but also for balancing chemicals, pool salt, and the heat required to make up for the addition of cold water. Add the fact that you can burn out a pump if it runs dry and you have a very costly, frustrating situation.

Some leaks are relatively easy to find, but others are obscure, hidden, and just plain old hard to find. Most service companies are neither equipped nor trained to accurately locate leaks of any kind. That’s where we come in handy!

A Talented, Detail-Driven Team

Benson Pools have the skilled technicians and the equipment to:

  • Accurately determine how much you are losing per hour in terms of water, heat, and chemicals.
  • Locate and map all leaks with certainty. For example, the leaks may be in the pool structure, around a light or other fitting, or in a buried pipe under poolside decking.
  • Repair leaks professionally in vinyl liners, plastered pools, fittings, stairs and/or underground piping. We can cut open concrete or flagstone decks and properly repair them with the help of our own in-house personnel.
Pipe leak
Leaktronics Leak Specialist

Leak Detection Equipment

We use state-of-the-art Leaktronics equipment for all our leak detection jobs. Their technology is essential in evaluating any and all leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

Our Work


What types of pool leaks can you find?

Our service works for both structural or plumbing leaks in vinyl-lined, gunite (concrete) or fiberglass pools.

Are there pool leak detection services for commercial properties?

That’s us! We service both residential and commercial properties.

Is my pool leaking if I’m filling it more frequently than usual?

It can be hard to tell if you are losing a small amount of water and, sometimes, one may think it’s evaporation. Rainfall can make it seem like the pool is not leaking. With our modern, high-tech equipment and expertise, we can tell in a short time if you actually have a leak.

I don’t see water around my pool, but I know it’s leaking. Where could the water be going?

It would take a massive leak to show up on the surface of your yard. The earth can absorb a huge amount of water so it’s unlikely to show up that easily.

How do you find pool leaks?

We’ve been in the pool business for almost 60 years, so we have extensive knowledge of how pools are constructed, what red flags to look for, and what questions to ask. With our state-of-the-art leak detecting equipment for pools on residential and commercial properties, even the tiniest leaks can’t hide from us!

If my pool leaked all summer and it’s closed, should I wait until spring to get it fixed?

We recommend getting leaks resolved sooner than later. You must (at the very least) determine where the leak is. If it’s leaking through the pool tank and not in the piping, it may empty completely over the winter. This can cause extensive damage to the liner and pool walls or to the concrete (gunite) shell. Such a leak must be repaired before winter while the water is clear and when there are no leaves in the pool. It needs to also be warm enough to dive and make repairs.

How long does it take you to find a pool leak?

Typically, we will find most leaks in two to three hours. Our service is based on a flat-rate fee, so you don’t have to worry about escalating costs during our search.

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