7 Common Pool Repairs

7 Common Pool Repairs

Swimming pools are a fun addition to any home. They offer an outlet to relax, exercise, and have fun together with the whole family. But like anything, there will come a time when your pool needs a few repairs. If you’re in the process of getting a pool or are considering one in the future, here are some of the most common swimming pool repairs that you should expect as an owner.

A Leak in the Pool Pump

The pool pump has a big job to do. It carries and disperses the chemicals that keep the water sanitized all throughout the pool. So it gets placed under a lot of pressure, especially since it has to keep running to maintain safe swimming conditions. This combined with the intense pressure from the sun and chemicals naturally makes it wear down, which can result in cracks and leaks. When a leak happens, it can occur in pipes, the lid of the pump, or the drain plug.

Skimmer Leaks

Leaks are often caused by the skimmer. This can get damaged during the harsh winter weather when the temperature dips well below freezing and causes cracks to form. Skimmer leaks can also be caused by a skimmer gasket that wasn’t installed properly. Thankfully, it’s a relatively quick and easy repair if it’s caught and fixed early.

Dirty Pool Filter

Another simple but frequent problem is with the pool filters. The filter prevents dirt and debris from circulating in the water and it helps to maintain all of the other components of the pool. But these can get clogged up fairly quickly. If it’s too dirty, the pool water will begin to look murky and dirty. Usually, it just means it’s time to give your pool a good cleaning, or it could indicate that it’s time to change your filter. On average, the filter should be changed every 3 to 5 years.

Leaks in the Filter Tank

If there’s a leak in the filter tank, don’t wait to have it repaired. The tank is what creates pressure that’s needed to keep the pool clean. If you notice a problem, we recommend turning it off, trying to identify the exact source of the leak, and calling in a pool expert to fix it. Older tanks can face more problems, with leaks usually occurring around the drain caps or air bleeder assembly. Either way, don’t ignore it.

Pump Basket

When the skimmer misses some debris, the pump basket is there to catch it. It stops larger particles from clogging the impeller and getting lodged in the components of the pump. If air enters the pump basket through a leaky impeller or loosened O-ring, it can cause the pump to run dry. If this happens, you might need to replace the pump fitting.

Clogged Pump Impeller

During the springtime when everything starts to blossom, it can wreak havoc on the pump and cause it to clog up. If you notice a drop in the pump pressure or a dip in the water flow, it could indicate that too much debris has accumulated in the impeller veins.

Melting Pump

In a more serious situation, when air enters the pump basket and causes it to run dry, this can actually create a significant amount of pressure for the pump, which can eventually heat up and cause components to melt. When this happens, the pump will need to be removed and replaced.

If you experience any of the above problems with your pool in Ottawa, give our pool experts a call at Benson Pools. Contact us today!

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