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Benson Pools proudly serves the area of Barrhaven with in-ground pool installations, seasonal opening and closing, repair, maintenance, cleaning, and more!
The beautiful suburban neighbourhood of Barrhaven is known for its quiet life. Surrounded by rural land roughly 20 km southwest of downtown Ottawa, its new residential developments led to rapid growth, attracting many families to the area. If you’re like other residents, you may wonder how to make the most of your property and the area’s innate peace and tranquillity. What better way to do this than with a backyard oasis?

We have you covered at Benson Pools whether you want a new pool installation, need repairs, or require routine maintenance and cleaning. We serve residential and commercial clients in Barrhaven with more than 60 years of industry experience.

Backyard Concrete Pool

Our Clients in Barrhaven

We have successfully installed and provided pool repair and maintenance services to our clients in Barrhaven. Our team is proud to offer our expert knowledge about pool designs that add beauty, fit with your surroundings, enhance the value of your property, and increase enjoyment in your life.

Popular Pool Designs in Barrhaven

While rural areas and farmland largely surround Barrhaven, the suburb consists of regions with newer housing developments and older neighbourhoods, making for some of the perfect places to make your dream oasis a reality. Your design options are limitless with our custom gunite pools, and we can create any shape and size as long as it fits in your yard. Contact us today to get started!

Large backyard inground pool

Pool FAQs Barrhaven

What pools can I install in Barrhaven?

You can install any type of pool in Barrhaven, given that you have a plot of land suitable for your design. Our gunite pools offer complete customizability and long-lasting quality.

I have a commercial property in Barrhaven. Can I install a pool?

Yes. At Benson Pools, we make pool ownership easy for property owners and managers with comprehensive design consultations, guidance for regulatory compliance, and after-sales training. We are experts with location-specific knowledge to ensure your pool is up to standards.

Do you offer pool services in Barrhaven?

We proudly serve Barrhaven’s residents and property owners with a complete lineup of services, including pool opening and closing, vacuuming, pump and filter repair, liner replacement, leak repairs, decking, cleaning, and more.

Backyard with pool and landscaping

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