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When it comes to closing your pool, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. One misstep could significantly damage your equipment and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. So when it’s time to close your pool for the season, call Benson Pools and we’ll make sure it’s done right. Our professional team will take care of everything for you to ensure that your inground pool is properly protected all winter long. Whether you have a concrete, fiberglass or vinyl pool, we’ll get it ready for the winter.


At Benson Pools, we use advanced equipment and industry-leading techniques to properly winterize your pool, pipes and equipment. Our highly trained professionals will take care of all the end of season tasks, including removing leaves and vacuuming, draining the equipment and lowering the pool water to the correct level, adding the proper chemicals and skimmer protection devices, and securely attaching your cover to prevent debris from entering and damage your liner. Our process is guaranteed to protect your pool and maintain its longevity.


We take the frustration out of closing your pool. Whether you need basic closing services or all the bells and whistles, we offer three different packages to suit your needs:

Lower pool waterYESYES
Drain pump, filter and heaterYESYESYES
Blow out and plug skimmer and returns linesYESYESYES
Remove deck equipment (where possible)YESYES
Remove pool light from niche (no disconnection of wiring)YESYES
Add 4L non-toxic anti-freeze in skimmerYESYESYES
Install Gizzmo or other skimmer protection deviceYESYES
Add necessary chemicals to winterize pool (Shock/40% Algaecide/Stain Prevention)YESYES
Install your coverYES

E-mail order form to or by fax @ (613) 737-0332


We can supply any winterizing parts you need and add them to your bill accordingly. If you already have these items available, please leave them by the filter for one of our professionals to use during your service.


Add one of our maintenance services so that your pool equipment will be in perfect working condition come spring.

Pump Reconditioning

Has your pump been acting up? Don’t wait till spring to find out that it needs repairs. A troublesome pump will prevent you from opening your pool on time. The key to keeping it working efficiently is to have it looked over now so that any necessary repairs can be done so you can open your pool next year with ease. Reconditioning services include:

  • Evaluating the condition and provide an estimate before repairing
  • Reinstalling the pump when we open your pool in the spring

Service Salt Cell (Annual)

If you have a saltwater pool, you’ll need to have your salt cell cleaned every year to remove any calcium deposits to keep it working efficiently. Our team at Benson Pool will treat your salt cell to remove scale build-up, improve its function and extend its service life.

3-Step Cartridge Cleaning Service

A pool’s filter cartridge should be deep cleaned every 3 months for longevity. We’ll make sure it’s properly cleaned to restore its filtering ability so it’s ready to go when you open your pool.

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