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Over our history as a company, we have had the privilege of being involved in numerous projects with clients across all levels of life and arenas. Here is just a sample of some of our residential and commercial clients:

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Campeau Corporation

Urbandale Corporation

Ottawa Athletic Club

Ottawa Tennis Club

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Nepean Sportsplex

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Westboro Community Centre

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Minto Developments

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Ashcroft Homes

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Prime Minister's Residence

Prime Minister’s Residence (24 Sussex)

I just had a surprise inspection from the Health Department, wanting to check the pool. He claims that we have the best pool he has ever seen! Kudos to your team. We couldn’t have done that without you. Congratulations!

BillNovember 2016

Thanks very much for the speedy and professional service. I am grateful for your expertise is repairing my pool on such short notice.

SheilaNovember 2016

As pool season is wrapping up, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a flawless summer in our pool. Our equipment functioned beautifully and we had not one issue with chemicals or algae as you had promised. It was night and day from the times before your renovation of our pool. We, and many others, thoroughly enjoyed our swimming season!

A.K.September 2016