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As the summer heat slowly emerges, pool owners everywhere are getting excited about their favourite season. There’s nothing like cooling off in the water on a hot summer day.

We take the hassle out of opening your pool! Order one of our packages today!

Before you dive in, it’s important to go through the detailed opening process to ensure it’s safe and sound for swimming. If you’re dreading the Ottawa pool opening season, let our professional team at Benson Pools take care of it for you while you sit back and relax. Discover our many packages and services today!

Benefits of Choosing Benson

With ample years of experience behind us, we know how tedious and time-consuming the pool opening process can be, which is why many people decide to hire someone to do it for them. Our Gold and Silver Opening packages are designed to tackle the hard work so you can enjoy your aquatic adventures without hassle. We’ve been opening, installing, refurbishing, and maintaining pools for homeowners across Eastern Ontario since 1953, and are a trusted local name renowned for excellence.

Prepping Your Pool

For clean water, we ask the owner to fill the pool halfway up the skimmer mouth. From there, we can prime the pump and get you ready for a safe swim. We’ll go back to start the system, and then complete the items covered by the service you choose.. See item #5 under our Terms and Conditions regarding special pool setups.

If a second call is required due to the low water level, there will be an additional charge for this work. We will automatically supply any minor parts or materials needed to start the system, and will charge accordingly. If major work is required, you will be notified before proceeding.

Service Packages

Pool Pump Maintenance - Pool Opening

Silver Opening

When you choose the Silver Opening package, you will be in charge of removing, cleaning, and folding your winter cover and emptying your water bags. However, we’re happy to assist with the rest. With this package, you have the option of having our technicians add pool chemicals for an additional fee ($30.00).

Your winterizing plugs have done a great job of keeping your pool pipes from freezing and your pool from sustaining damage over the colder months, but now it’s time to remove it. That’s the first thing we do. When we go to remove the plugs and Gizzmo, we also install your deck equipment, such as ladders and diving boards, and pool lights, making the transition back into summer fun easier.

Our Silver Opening package also includes directional ball fittings so you can change the water flow to be the most effective for your pool. We inspect the plugs on your pump to make sure that it is tightly sealed. We prime the pump as well, adding water to it and bleeding off the air in the lines so that the motor doesn’t burn out.

Gold Opening (Remove Pool Cover and Start Pool System)

Our Gold Opening services have all the benefits of the Silver Opening package, plus several extras. We take care of as much of the work as we can. For instance, with the gold package, we’ll remove your winter cover after pumping the water off. Our prices vary based on whether you have a tarp or a safety cover for an inground swimming pool.

You then have two additional options. We can either clean up the debris and cover (and fold it up), clean and fold it while emptying the water bags that held it down, or we can add pool chemicals to your water. We can also perform all of the above if needed.

Pool Pump Maintenance - Pool Opening

Pool Vacuuming Services

Spring Vacuuming

To remove as much seasonal debris as possible, opt for our spring vacuuming service. We use our own pump and will vacuum to remove waste. The pool must be full and we will run your hose to fill the pool while vacuuming. If there’s an excessive amount of leaves or silt, we may have to return for additional calls to complete cleaning. Our vacuum reaches crevices, around ladders, onto pool steps, and around lights for the best possible results.

Regular Vacuuming

Dirt will accumulate over the summertime as well. To keep your water clean, invest in regular pool cleaning. Our technicians will come on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. With regular vacuuming, your pool will remain in optimal condition all season long.

Filtration and Heating

Gas Heater Cleaning and Lighting

Gas pool heaters are high-performing and will heat your pool quickly, but they can be difficult to start after a long winter left unused. If you’re having a problem starting your gas heater, hire a technician to troubleshoot the problem. To arrange heater startup services in particular (including cleaning and lighting), please call RM Contracting at 613-315-3583.

Filter and Heater Installation Assistance

Need help deciding where you want your filtration and/or heating system installed by our team? We recommend either in the yard, by the pool cabana, or near the house. Our technicians can recommend a spot based on the layout of your property.

Pool Chemical Balancing - Pool Opening

Additional Service Pricing

  • Tarp cover (leaves and cleaning not included)
  • Safety cover
  • Skim and bag leaves, clean and foldcover, and empty water bags (optional)
  • Add pool start-up chemical kit (optional)

Please note that travel time and mileage charges apply to all out-of-town customers. Prices above are for Ottawa-area clients; there is a surcharge for all other regions. Also, see item #5 of our Terms and Conditions regarding special pool setups.

Booking and Availability

We try our best to accommodate your pool opening within the requested time frame. However, please bear in mind that work is scheduled in the order received. As soon as the order form is returned to us, we will assign you a time as per our service schedule.

Our availability is as follows:

  • April – June

Never worry about missing a step when opening your pool. Our technicians are thorough and efficient, and we’re passionate about ensuring clean and safe results to ensure you have a great time in and out of the water. Book one of our pool opening services today, find your noodles and goggles, and get ready to dive into cool and refreshing outdoor fun!

Inground pool cover


How do I know how much chlorine to add to my pool when opening?

When opening your pool, you’ll need to shock it to give the chlorine level an immediate boost to kill off any bacteria and control the algae to keep the pool sparkling clean. For the initial shock, add 100g of shock chlorine treatment per 10,000 litres of water.

How do I add chemicals to my open pool?

It’s important to test the water first and then use a chemical start-up kit. This should include the shock treatment, algaecide, stain treatment, and any chemicals to balance the alkalinity, calcium and pH. But be careful to not go overboard. High levels of chlorine can make it more acidic, causing skin and eye irritation, and can even turn your hair green.

How much salt is needed to open my pool?

Before adding salt to your pool, you should first test the water with a salt test strip. Safe levels range between 2500 to 3500 parts per million. If the salt levels are far below this range, you’ll need to add salt. If one 40 LB (18.1kg) bag of salt will raise the level of the pool by approximately 480 ppm, to reach 3500 ppm in a 37,000 litre (10,000 gallon) pool, you’ll need to add approximately 7 bags of salt.

How do you open an inground pool?

At Benson Pools, the first thing we do when opening an inground pool is remove the pool cover and give it a solid cleaning before storing it away. Then we skim away any of the left-over debris on the top of the water. Once the debris has been removed, we use a hose to start raising the water levels. We then remove any winterized plugs and add in all the equipment and replace all the drain plugs. Once the water is midway up the skimmer, we prime the pump and backwash filter. If everything is working as it should, we add in the vacuum and switch the valve to waste. After all the debris has been removed we start adding the opening chemicals, shocking and balancing the pool, leaving you with sparkling clean water ready for swimming.

What do I need to open my pool?

If you plan to do it yourself, you’ll need a good test kit for starters to check the pool’s pH, chlorine levels, as well as the total alkalinity and calcium hardness. You’ll also need the shock treatment, algaecide, stain treatment and any chemicals to balance the alkalinity, calcium and pH.

What does a pool opening include?

We offer different pool packages to suit a range of needs. From cleaning and vacuuming services to chemical start-up and pump-priming, to pool cover removal and full pool system start-up, we take care of the messy, time-consuming process for you. Our crew will also ensure that all your pool equipment is operating just as it should and that the water is clean and safe for optimal swimming.

Get Started

If you’re fed up with the daunting tasks of cleaning, disinfecting, balancing, and setting up the pool for the season, our packages provide the pool opening service you need so you can enjoy the luxury of your pool without enduring all of the work involved. Our crew will take the time to diligently care for your pool to ensure that the equipment is operating as it should, and the water is safe for swimming so you and your family can make the most of the summer season.

We also perform repairs, refurbishments, and can enhance your outdoor space with new lighting, a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, and more. Benson Pools is your one-stop-shop for all of your pool-related needs. When you want reliable, quality service for pool opening in Ottawa and the surrounding area, get in touch with us so we can take care of it for you!

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